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Here at engineering Diamonds we have a dedicated section in house for all our natural diamond products; our naturals have many different uses and applications from wheels to CNC grinding. Bellow is our different types of tools and how it can help you and your company.

Look at our brochure at the bottom of the page for more details to help you make the best choice for your process.

Single points dressing tool

Grade: ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘Super A’, ‘A70’

Carrot: 0.25ct – 4.0ct

Shank Dia: 6.35mm – 25.4mm

Shank length: 6.35mm – 200mm

Shank type: straight, knurled, taper, round stud, hexagon stud, threaded

Single point throwaway tool

Carrot: 0.1ct

Shank size: 1/8 – 3/8 diameter

Style – Pin tool, Cone tool, Chisel tool

Chisel point dressing tool

Carrot size: 0.25ct – 2.0ct

Radius: 0.10 – 0.50

Angle: 40 deg – 60 deg

Style: straight, diaform, taper

Thread forming diamond tool

Matrix type chisel

Matrix type cone

Blade type chisel

Cone point diamond dressing tool

Carrot size: 0.25ct – 2.0ct

Radius: 0.125 – 0.5

Angle: 60 deg – 100 deg

Multi point diamond dressing tool

Head size: 8mm – 20mm

Shank size: 6.35mm – 100mm

Shank style: Taper, straight, stud straight

Cluster diamond tool

Style: Circular cluster, angular cluster, chisel cluster

Diamond files

Style: Round, pippin, square, flat, knife, crossing, half, round, sitting, three square

Blade type dressers

Style: ‘V’ Blade, ‘I’ blade

Index dressers

Single row

Circular multi point

Square single row

Square multi point

Index dresser holder

Speed pins and precision grinding pins

Diameter: 0.5mm – 12mm

Shank Dia: 3mm – 8mm

Length of grit: 2mm – 12mm

Grit: Diamond or Borazon

Lapping paste

• ¼ Micron
• 1 Micron
• 3 Micron
• 6 Micron
• 8 Micron
• 14 Micron
• 25 Micron
• 45 Micron
• 60 Micron
• 90 Micron