Wire Erosion - ENDIA - Engineering Diamonds

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

During the wire erosion process, machine takes place in a non-conductive medium. The wire serves as an electrode and is guided so close the work piece that a spark is produced, which melts and vaporises the material. This in tales allowing us to produce some of the best quality finishes and accuracy in the world to date. All of the tools we produce on the wire erosion section come out with a 5 micron tolerance or less.

Our in house Vollmers and Fanuc machines, mixed with the best technicians allow us to take on some of the most toughest and complex of jobs the industry can ever be faced with.

With its unmanned over night capabilities, which means our machines can be running 24/7, we can be very price competitive and take on large scale orders with still the best turn around times.

All of the above has allowed us to be trusted partners with some of the biggest names in every sector of engineering.

Browse some of our work on this Vollmer below;