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Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

About Us

As our company has evolved over time this in turn has lead to us to become a global supplier. Our company supplies various products to almost all sectors manufacturing industries, exporting worldwide from our production facilities in the heart of Coventry.

This market position has helped considerably by our policy of investing in high quality, high precision machining technology and inspection equipment.

Collectively our company is engaged in the manufacture of:

  • Industrial Diamond Tooling for the Engineering sector.
  • Machining of high quality, precision machined components.
  • Specialist form tools.
  • Specialist inserts.
  • Many more.

Our policy within the company is to assist you in reducing your internal costs whilst improving your productivity and quality.

Can we help you reduce your tooling costs?

Our Quality Policy

It shall be the absolute policy of the Engineering Diamonds Group including all its subsidiaries, to provide products, which fully and consistently meet the agreed requirements of our customers.

The policy is achieved by maintaining quality awareness in all personnel, plus specific requirements for each person to be responsible for the quality of their output.

We recognise the quality requirements of our customers, and hence it shall be our objective to comply with their quality standards at all times. The companies conduct their businesses by employing skilled and fully trained personnel throughout the plants. The process is aimed to employ Engineers and Technicians with a proven record to exacting standards.


Services Offered

Engineering Diamonds are pleased to offer their full service facilities thought out the life cycle of any tooling, subcontract rebuilds, component manufacture and any rectification that will in the long term save your company money. How this process works is based on the following three steps,

  • Initial Inspection: Send the part in for evaluation and we will work out what needs to be done at minimal cost
  • Refurbishment Costing Evaluation: A full quotation will then be supplied to allow for the component to be brought back to as new condition
  • Recommendations: And if the part can be improved then Endia will assist in the modifications using the latest in CAD / CAM technology

At every step of a tools life cycle Endia ensures that the life is maximised using the following operations that are designed to reduce costs at all times for the end user:


  • The process is to remove wear on the PCD and CBN cutting faces to bring the cutting edge back to 'AS NEW' condition
  • Relaps on tooling is normally between three and four times dependent on the wear pattern


  • The process is to remove any damaged PCD and CBN tips with new and then relap, rewire etc to bring the cutting edge back to 'AS NEW' condition
  • Retipping on tools is a process that allows the tools to be constantly rectified to maximise life


  • This process is to fully refurbish the tool from removing any damaged PCD and CBN tips, to welding pocket seating and then relap, rewire etc to bring the cutting edge back to ' AS NEW' condition


  • Reduced internal costs for the customers
  • Tools rectified to 'like new' performance at fraction of replacement tools
  • No compromise on quality
  • Fast turn around

The company offers the 'Total Service package' and to ensure that you will be completely satisfied we will back that up this efficient tool maintenance and any technical advice that is necessary throughout the whole life cycle of the applications.