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Welcome to ENDIA

ENDIA is the trade name of Engineering Diamonds and was established in 1937, over the years the company has become the most well known in the specialist field of industrial diamond products of all kinds and many more in the UK.

Since 1975, Engineering Diamonds has introduced the design and manufacture of polycrystalline diamond better known as PCD, growing steadily into one of the market leading specialist in this field worldwide.

Special Tooling

Here at engineering diamonds we have our own in house technical department where we can design and manufacture high quality tooling specific to your needs.

Just send us a basic sketch or a drawing or any information on what you need the tool for and we will do the rest for you, we will work out the best solution an options for your needs.

About Us

A complete Range of bespoke tooling is manufactured with over 80 years of experience to fall back on. To date, in excess of 50,000 individual tool designs have been created, each from customers specified requirements and is held in our database ready for manufacturing call of when required.

The complete manufacturing process for our tooling is carried out in house. Our production facility houses the very latest CNC machine process, inspection technology and is operated by a highly qualified and skilled workforce. Our design and production engineering departments use the most modern CAD/CAM and manufacturing systems to support these operations. All of this combined with a bespoke to us production control system and network around the factory allows for accurate capacity planning and making sure delivery schedule are to be met.

Our philosophy is to learn and implement continuous improvement methods. With a very strong team here at Engineering Diamonds there is nothing we can’t achieve together. This has led the company to build a competitive advantage using this unique strategy. This has also led our customers to having a competitive advantage also.

We have an open door policy here and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities!!