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The motor sport industry is huge with its reach being in over 190 countries. With races from the formula one to the Dakar rally its shared goal is to win the race, thus meaning each race car has to be the best in its own unique field. For teams and cars to achieve this goal means the individual car has to be at peak optimised performance from the best suspension components, light body materials, aerodynamics to f1 engines being so finely tuned.

Why Choose Us

This is where Engineering Diamonds helps, we make some of the most accurate PCD tooling for the formula one industry with some of the biggest teams in the industry as our clients. We produce micron tooling as we like to say here. By producing to such small tolerances this means race teams can tune their engines to perfection, and we are very proud to be part of that team.

Services Offered

Tools we produce in this sector

  • Countersinks
  • Routers
  • Reamers
  • Inserts
  • Bespoke tools
  • Custom tools